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Her first day at home...

She is up to something, I know it...

Swimming is fun....

Hyper Dog!!!

Riding in the car

Bone Time

At Great Grandmas House..

Sleepy time... Shhh....

Time to go out and play.....

Mercedes and Friends...

Mercedes and her baby...

Time to Clean UP.....

She loves to help with the dishes

Mercedes in her brand new #31 Chiefs Jersey

Mercedes First trip to Wentworth Military Academy

Mercedes and her brand new big bone!

It only snowed a little, but it was her first snow fall! She thought they were bugs...

Mercedes In Her Bed.

Down Time With Puppy.

Okay She had her First snow... This is the First Big Snow!

Somene Had Surgery...


Every Baby Has A Blanky


Puppy Fun

Staircase Fun


Staring Out The Window


Just Chilling on the Stairs

Looking trough the window on her table...


Baby Play time...


Mercedes First Birthday May 14, 2006

Mercedes at the Pool


Grandma Got out the hair bows



Time for Pool-Ball!!!


Safety First



Second Winter

Teddy Bear


Biker Dog







Second Time Getting Shaved


Someone found Aura's Binky


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First Snow
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